Service Availability

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Our Data Centers: Designed for reliability, security, and data protection

Our state-of-the-art data centers include the highest level of round-the-clock physical security, including biometrics, intrusion detection systems, and interior and exterior surveillance 24×7, year-round.

In addition, access is limited to authorized data center personnel only.  No one can access our data center facilities without advanced clearance and accompaniment by an authorized employee.

Ex Libris data centers include physical and environmental security controls that eliminate the effect of single points of failure and ensure the resilience of the computing center.

Ex Libris maintains data centers around the world:

North America

  • United States
  • Canada

Asia Pacific

  • China
  • Singapore
  • Australia


  • The Netherlands
  • Germany

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Service Availability Monitoring at Ex Libris

The Ex Libris Network & Security Operations Center (NOC/SOC) provides 24×7, year-round monitoring for all Ex Libris cloud and hosted services.

Ex Libris monitoring consists of multi-layered, fully redundant systems that monitor the services inside and outside the data center to validate that services are running at high availability and performance levels.

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Cloud Services Status Page and Performance Indicators

Ex Libris Cloud Service Status is always at your fingertips with ongoing realtime updates.

The Ex Libris System Status page displays the latest information on the availability of all multi-tenant Ex Libris instances.  Customers can check this page at any time to see current status information or subscribe to be notified via email of interruptions to any individual service.

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If you are experiencing a service issue that is not indicated on this page, inform Ex Libris by opening a customer support request.

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Uptime Reports

For SaaS multitenant environments, Ex Libris publishes a quarterly availability report that measures and records system uptime.

These reports provide a comprehensive view of our uptime performance as measured over the last three months and over the last twelve months.  This report is publicly available in the Customer Knowledge Center.

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Service Disruption RCA Reports & Policy

Ex Libris performs internal Root Cause Analyses (RCAs) for each SaaS service disruption and takes the necessary steps to avoid them in the future. Ex Libris implements reactive and proactive problem management based on ITIL in order to minimize both the number and severity of incidents.

For SaaS multitenant environments, Ex Libris publishes RCA reports for any significant event. These reports can be found in the Customer Knowledge Center.

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Ex Libris maintains a service disruption communication policy to ensure that we react appropriately to any actual or suspected events relating to Ex Libris cloud systems and data. This policy defines the steps that Ex Libris personnel must use to provide a process for documentation, appropriate reporting internally and externally, and communication.

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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

The Ex Libris cloud infrastructure is designed to be resilient even in cases of disruption.

Ex Libris cloud infrastructure complies with the fundamental guidelines of business continuity: full redundancy, load balancing, and failover. Each component in the system utilizes high availability capabilities, including storage, servers, databases, network routers, redundant firewalls, and the utilization of multiple internet service providers to maintain network access to the data center.

This high-availability architecture protects services from failure in one or more components and offers a high level of resiliency and business continuity.  Due to this architecture, Ex Libris achieved ISO 22301 certification, a comprehensive standard that reflects our commitment to business continuity and disaster preparedness.

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